Assess company resources for any breaches or vulnerabilities,

Assist clients in the cloud, on-prem, or in hybrid environments in mitigating known security flaws and identifying attack surfaces within the client’s environment.
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Your data, secured

Work together with our experts in mitigating known security flaws and identifying attack surfaces within the your cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environments. Together, we will assess company resources for potential breaches or vulnerabilities and create plans for further safeguarding.

In a worst-case scenario, our security experts can assist your team in the aftermath of a cybersecurity event. We are eager to share our knowledge of effective methods to protect your organization's crucial data and can assist in training company employees on security protocols and recommended practices.

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Collaboratively assess product alignment with security best practices:

  • Zero Trust
  • Defense in Depth
  • Assume Breach
  • Review existing third-party security
  • Identify gaps between what is implemented and the full suite of product security offerings/ capabilities
  • Review User and Administrator Authentication and Access Controls

Layers of Defense

These are just a sampling of the layers of security we need to have in place. Another name is defense in depth. It means we don't protect our treasure with a single gate.

Good cybersecurity relies on layers

  • checkEnd User Awareness - Training & Policy
  • checkProtected User Devices - Endpoint Detection & Threat Response
  • checkSecure Logins - Strong Passwords & MFA
  • checkControlled Access - Zero Trust
  • checkNetwork Architecture - Segmentation, Traffic Monitoring, Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • checkProtected Servers - Monitoring, Patching, Detection
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Your users, secured

Your end users and admin staff are your system's first line of defense. Our team will help you leverage technology to better protect your users and staff.

If a user's password is stolen, MFA can help protect that account along with the areas the user can access. If a login is fully compromised, leverage access control steps to block the user. When all else fails, good segmentation limits the damage to the one compromised area. All of these events (and more) can be centrally monitored using a Security Information and Event Management product (SIEM) to alert your team to trouble.

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